Former Minister of Health of Portugal – VIP business tourism

In recent months, a new trend of- VIP business tourism of mini delegations. has been increasing in our country .  Meaning that a small number of guests or representatives come to look into the option of doing business in Israel and to receive from us at Gold the whole range of business accompaniment alongside high level personal tourism. An example of such a delegation that was here  recently included the former Minister of Health of Portugal, his wife and other research team members. The former health minister, came to Israel to examine the possibility of a joint venture with an Israeli cannabis growing and research company (in Portugal the use of cannabis is legal). Mr. Fernandez’s goal is to lead the whole study of cannabis treatments in his country.

On the business side, meetings were held with the GGA genetic laboratory in Katzrin and with the Cannabimatch cannabis company owned by Moshe Yifrach. Along with fascinating and fruitful meetings between the parties, the guests were accompanied by a Portuguese-speaking guide. The delegation combined business meetings alongside VIP tours in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada.