Tours for Visitors from Abroad

GOLD specializes in hosting delegations and businessmen from abroad and provides the entire package that businessmen who come for a visit in Israel expect.
Successful hospitality includes tours and entertainment in Israel during the visitors’ downtime.
At GOLD, all tours are personally tailored to the businessmen who come to Israel from around the world.
The unique nature of our tours is apparent in how smoothly they integrate into the business schedule. We build tailored tours adapted to each specific delegation while handling all of the details, ensuring that you are appreciated as a host.

Are you interested in arranging tours for your guests from abroad during their stay in Israel? A day tour, night tour, half-day tours and more – we will make sure to provide your guests with a high-quality experience that perfectly meets your expectations as hosts.
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Tours in IsraelAs a part of the personally tailored tours for each business delegation, we provide full service packages for your guests’ entire stay: we offer a tour guide that speaks your guests’ native language, a business guide, a translator (if necessary) and a chauffeured car to represent your company in all interactions with your guests during their time in Israel and in order to ensure that your guests have an unforgettable experience.

Tours for Businessmen from Abroad

At GOLD, all of our tours are planned down to the smallest details – we structure the tours to perfectly fit the needs of the visiting business delegation and make sure to offer added value for the business objective for which the delegation arrived in Israel in the first place. Most of the businessmen who come to Israel for business purposes are interested in touring in order see the notorious beauty of the Land of Israel. For the most part, tight business schedules do not allow the businessmen to spend entire days touring. We are highly experienced in integrating tours into rigid business schedules to provide personally tailored tours from a point of view that the hospitality experience for your visitors in Israel is an integral component of the business objective of their visit.

We place great importance on the personal aspects of the delegation that comes to Israel, including their positions and how many days they plan on spending in Israel. While considering these aspects, we create a tour or tours tailored to their personal needs and at the same time taking into account the sites that are more important for them to visit, during the few days that they have to spend in the country.

Selecting a particular course of tour that interests your guests coming to Israel, can often change quite a bit before the final itinerary is set and sometimes even changes once the trip is underway. Sometimes, the businessmen think that a particular tourist attraction in Israel is supposed to look a certain way but, in the end, does not. The ability to modify plans or switch cities at the last minute is our specialty at GOLD. Flexibility in changing the plans is important when it comes to hosting businessmen in Israel. In most cases, it is very important to speak with the delegation and explain that certain sites will not be possible due to issues of distance or time limitations. In such instances, we at GOLD have experience in handling any questions and concerns and arranging an appropriate alternative tour schedule that will satisfy all touring requests.

Remember, the hosting level is a crucial element of the trip for visitors in Israel. Adjustment of the trip according to the country of origin of the businessmen who have come from abroad, your ability to provide them with a touring experience in their native language while focusing on the factors that are important to them (e.g. holy sites, etc.) are all very important for ensuring a successful visit. At GOLD we are prepared to plan different and varied trips that are personally adapted to the business delegations from around the world.