The key to finding a good translator lies in his ability to articulate clearly and at a high level in the target language. The translator face a difficult task: he must deal with communication gaps and try to reduce them to zero, so he needs to be very professional in his work.

GOLD offers you a wide range of professional translation services at competitive prices and at the highest quality. Our team of translators will provide you with translation services that will deliver your message clearly in any language. We provide simultaneous and consecutive translation services as well as document translation services.

The translators who work with us are highly familiar with the language, culture and context in which words were written or spoken, so that they can maintain the same mindset and message, without adding their own opinions or making it equivocal. The importance of a high-quality translator for clear communication with businessmen who speak different languages, is measured in the translator’s familiarity with the most particular elements of the language of origin, with the ability to demonstrate initiative and creativity when translating a professional visit or complex negotiations between two sides.

At GOLD, all of the translation services are provided by a team of professional translators, each of them specializes in a unique business niche that requires familiarity with all of the terms in that business field, such as: law, medicine, agriculture and more. Each member of our translation team has the ability to listen and formulate simultaneously, understand the information quickly, agility and sharpness of thought, as well as the capability of articulating clearly and therefore can contribute to the success of all your business transactions.

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Translation Services

Consecutive Translation

Whether you are having a B2B meeting, a hearing in court, negotiations or a professional visit, at GOLD, we provide you with a professional and highly experienced personal translator who will prepare for the job using all relevant resources. In consecutive translation, the translator listens to the content (e.g. during a business meeting, Skype call, conference call, etc.) and transmits the exact meaning to all participants in real time, making sure to provide the most accurate and precise translation. We can provide you with a consecutive translator in any language (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, English and more) in order to receive and transmit information in the most accurate manner possible.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation takes place when a person is speaking or lecturing while the translator sits in a special booth with a sound system, listens to the speaker by headphones and translates his or her words into the target language. The translation is transferred to the participants through headphones at a rapid pace. In case there is a variety of language speakers, each listener hears the speech in the language he understands.
At GOLD, our team of translators specializes in simultaneous translation, demonstrating clear grasp of the source and target languages. Our simultaneous translators are capable of finding the most accurate word in real time, thanks to their extensive experience in simultaneous translation and the preparation they do in advance by reading the relevant materials. The GOLD team will provide you with a simultaneous translator who fits most for the job as well as all the technological tools necessary: an acoustic booth, high quality headphones, a transmission system and experienced technicians. All the services required under the simultaneous translation service, provided by us as one package that can ensure that you receive the most accurate simultaneous translation for your guests. You can receive simultaneous translation to and from Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and many more languages.

Document Translation

Are you interested in starting business relationships with companies in China, Japan, Europe, Africa or other countries? Do you need a document, email, price quote, or business proposal translated?
At GOLD, we provide document translation services in a variety of fields including: medical writing, legal writing, scientific writing, technical writing and more. The GOLD translation team makes sure to attend even the smallest details and ensures accuracy of translation, in order to create a document that would be equivalent to the original document in the target language. Our translators will not only transmit the precise meaning of the text, they will also identify linguistic nuances in the language of origin and translate them into the the target language without impairing the content or meaning.

Our team of translators in all languages places special emphasis on sensitivity to the language and culture of the person in front of them. at GOLD we make sure to provide you with the translator that will fit your exact needs.  As part of the hosting package that we offer, selecting the correct translator for you is an important part of all the services necessary for successful business hospitality.