Business Guide

Business guide works closely with the delegation that you are hosting, a person who ensures, in real time, that your entire business and touring schedule is managed according to the established time frame. Typically, the business and touring schedules change quite frequently for any one of a number of reasons.
The business guide’s job is to ensure that even when there are changes, the members of the delegation are not uncomfortable.
The advantages of having a business guide include:

  • The business guide speaks the native language of the delegation that arrived in Israel.
  • The business guide is aware (if possible and depending on the degree of discretion expected from the customer), of the business schedule and the importance of the business objectives for which the delegation came to Israel. That will allow successful business meetings for your guests who came especially to Israel. The business guide has an administrative approach and sees the whole picture rather than just a part of it.
  • The business guide is familiar with the rules and norms in the visitors’ country of origin and thereby handles all elements of their schedule in accordance with the way in which they expect to be hosted in Israel.
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The presence of the business guide as part of our hosting package for the business delegation, contributes to the satisfaction of the delegation’s members because they are very appreciative of the fact that they have a contact person in Israel, who is with them for the entire period of their stay here, who speaks their language and is able to find a solution to any issue that may arise.

Business Guide Services

Before the business delegation arrives in Israel, the business guide will:

  • Be up to date regarding the reason for which the business delegation is coming to Israel, in order to demonstrate knowledge of relevant matters in the event that the members of the delegation consult with him on various matters related to their business in Israel.
  • Ensure that he or she is familiar with the entire business/professional lexicon in the visitors’ language.

Here at GOLD, we place significant emphasis on the services of the business guide. The business delegations that come to Israel expect a level of hospitality that is free of error. In most cases, the business and touring schedules are very tight and require a business guide in the field, that knows how to interact with all aspects related to the delegation.

Sometimes there are members of the delegation who are in need of preferential treatment and personal attention that will assuage any fears they have in regards to achieving the scheduled objectives that were determined ahead of time. In addition, there are business people who are in need of close assistance in their native language in order to assuage any natural fears they may have regarding coming to a foreign country. A business guide can address those needs and handle them.

At GOLD, we identified the need for a business guide after extensive experience in hosting business delegations from around the world. Personal attention from a business guide, who is presented to the delegation as a member of the hosting company, is an important service that contributes for success in achieving the objectives determined for the time spent in Israel.