GOLD Business Tourism is a company that specializes in providing business and tourism services for business delegations that come to Israel from China.

The packages we provide for hosting a single businessman or large business delegations that come to Israel from China, are in accordance with the business norms practiced in China.

The tourism and business solutions that we provide attend to even the smallest details, which are crucial for guests who come from China, allowing them to focus on the business aspect of their trip while enjoying an unforgettable experience during their stay here in Israel.

GOLD is a one-stop shop for guests arriving to Israel from China. We provide solutions, including hosting services for the Chinese delegations, while making sure to focus on the hospitality rules expected by Chinese businessmen. The hospitality experience for Chinese businessmen and delegations from China is a crucial component of ensuring that your business objectives – the reason for which you arrived in Israel – are met. Our ability to provide personally tailored hospitality services for all Chinese delegations that arrive in Israel is our specialty here at GOLD.

Welcoming Delegations From China – The Whole Host of Services

GOLD provides a total repertoire of business and tourism services so that you can give your guests the perfect mix of business and pleasure. The services that we offer for escorting delegations from China include: hotel services, car services, transport services and chauffer services, certified, business-oriented trail guides that speak fluent Chinese, simultaneous translation and translation to and from Chinese, business escorts for Chinese delegations, lunches and dinners that are perfectly tailored to a Chinese audience with a high level of flexibility for integrating last-minute changes (which are quite common with Chinese visitors), personally tailored touring days with Chinese-speaking guides, VIP services at the airport with Chinese-speaking representatives, security, conference rooms, administrative services, lectures as per the customer’s request, assistance in creating a business schedule, and setting up meetings as well as security services.
Escorting delegations from China is different that hosting delegations from other countries around the world. Escorting Chinese delegations requires familiarity with the Chinese mentality and the ceremonial elements that Chinese people expect to receive when coming for a business meeting. GOLD specializes in providing professional business tourism services for hosting delegations from abroad, particularly delegations from China.


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