Business Services

Your ability as a host to provide your guests coming to Israel an extensive selection of business services that they need, brands you as a professional host with answers for all of their needs.
Business Services that we can offer your guests include:
Administrative services, a fully equipped office where they can work, a conference room, legal services, assistance in arranging meetings with important individuals in the sector, business tours, lectures and more.

When businessmen from abroad come to Israel, in many cases it is necessary to provide them with a wide range of associated services in addition to the standard hosting services required. At GOLD, we provide a wide range of business services for visitors from abroad, as part of the service packages necessary for hosting foreign business delegations. The business service packages that we provide are personally tailored to the country of origin and the native language of the delegation’s members.

In most cases, business delegations from abroad are in need of business services in addition to hospitality services and we can provide all business services necessary to guarantee that they have everything they need during their time in Israel.

Business Services for Delegations from Abroad

The business services we provide include:

  • Arranging meetings with Israeli companies for visitors from abroad.
    We offer our vast network of contacts with Israeli companies and government entities which allow us to arrange business meetings with government offices and with Israeli companies in different fields according to the needs of the business delegations visiting from abroad. We can also arrange invitations from different entities for the business delegation or government delegations from abroad in need of official invitations from government entities or Israeli companies in order to receive authorization to come to Israel.
  • Professional tours for businessmen from abroad.
    The GOLD team has extensive experience in planning and implementing business schedules that include professional tours according to the requirements of the business delegation coming from abroad. In case you would like to introduce them to key individuals in the sector or allow them to explore additional companies, a targeted tour can be arranged.
  • Professional seminars in different sectors for businessmen from abroad.
    We specialize in offering solutions for business delegations interested in coming to Israel for professional seminars that combine educational professional material with tours related to various fields.
  • Lectures from leading individuals in different fields.
  • Renting and organization of conference rooms and offices.
  • Administrative services.
  • Legal services.

At GOLD, our focus is on the customer. Our objective is to provide comprehensive solutions for businessmen visiting from abroad. The business services that we provide, in addition to the hospitality services necessary for hosting visitors from abroad, is part of the total package intended to provide business delegations from abroad with everything they need in order to focus on the business objectives for which they came to Israel.