Mumbai Industrialists’ delegation in Israel

On Friday the 5’th , the Mumbai Industrialists’ delegation had landed in Israel. There are 75 CEOs of Indian companies who came to do business with Israeli companies

This is a joint venture between Gold Business Tourism and A & G Partners , a company that has been working for 20 years with the Indian market.

Last Friday, the delegation has visited some of the “must seen” Israeli sites in the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, accompanied by English-speaking guides and a Hindi-speaking business escorts.

Today’s program has included:

Opening remarks by: Ambassador of India . Also spoke the president of Mumbai Industries Assosiation Mr Prassana Dorgre

The main session have been moderated by Mrs. Anat Bernstein-Reich, – General director of the Israel-India Chamber of Commerce.  Mrs. Bernstein Reich consu an open discussion and lecture on how to do business in Israel.

The hospitality is being conducted today at the law firm of Amit Polak Matalon, a law firm specializing in the Indian market.

Later on there were  B2B meetings between the delegation and 40 Israeli companies

חלק מהמשלחת הגדולה מהודו,

המשלחת ההודית ליד ההסעהBen and CEO of Gold India