9 days Innovation Seminar in Israel

GOLD invites you to discover the wonders of Israel’s industry in various fields, such as: Bio-Tech, Agro-Tech, Cyber, Media, Internet, Healthcare etc.

Among the topics that will be covered :

Overview of the Israeli High-Tech Industry (Mr Ilan Maor)

Israeli entrepreneurship, innovation, Hi-Tech and strartups (Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli)

Introduction to Israeli innovation success (Mr Ilan Maor)

Doing business in Israel – legal and financial aspects (Mr Ilan Maor)

The Art of Pitching (Dr. Barak Ben-Avinoam)

Lecture on Israel as a Startup Nation (Dr. Barak Ben-Avinoam)

The Suprises of Israel’s Economy – From Oranges to Creative Innovation(Prof. Chalom Shirman)

How to locate innovative technologies (Mr. Shay Marcus)

Overconing communication gaps between Israeli and Chinese companies (Mr. Shay Marcus)

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Innovation Seminar in Israel