Simultaneous Translation in Chinese

Simultaneous translation in Chinese requires that the translator will be familiar not only with the Chinese language but also have extensive knowledge in the different fields of the business sector. Successful simultaneous translation is measured by the translator’s ability to transmit messages in the most accurate way.
Transmitting messages into Chinese is critical in simultaneous translation because the Chinese businessmen will also be attentive to the person who stands before them and speak Hebrew or English and at the same time will listen to the simultaneous translation to Chinese. The ability to transmit the message in real time, requires a simultaneous translator that will use the proper vocabulary that is adjusted to Chinese culture.
We employ simultaneous translators with proven experience in simultaneous translation in Chinese (not only experienced in translating documents or correspondence to or from Chinese).

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Simultaneous translation in Chinese

At GOLD we place great emphasis on our Chinese simultaneous translation services. The GOLD team includes simultaneous Chinese translators who are proficient in many business sectors, enabling them to transmit messages in the fields of agriculture, medical devices, legal or any other field. Successful simultaneous translation into Chinese is measured by the ability to transmit your message in real time, both in terms of the words and in terms of the general concept in Chinese. Simultaneous translation to Chinese is composed of language, culture and presentation of the simultaneous translator, transmitting your message in Chinese. At GOLD, we will provide you with simultaneous Chinese translation that will clarify your intent in the most accurate and precise manner for the Chinese businessmen with whom you wish to speak.

Simultaneous translation is offered in two ways:

Simultaneous translation from Chinese
Simultaneous translation from Chinese requires knowledge and familiarity with Hebrew and English. In addition to the importance of knowledge of the Chinese language, the simultaneous translator from Chinese must be able to express his knowledge of Hebrew and English in order to transmit the message from Chinese as clearly as possible. in the event that some component of the message is more clear in one language than in the other, the simultaneous translator will choose the more appropriate language. Simultaneous translation from Chinese requires an ability to transmit messages in real time, in order that the businessman from China that speaks to the audience will feel that his message is understood properly and in the proper context. At GOLD, all of our simultaneous Chinese translators have extensive experience in translating messages in real time during lectures by Chinese businessmen who come to Israel.

Simultaneous Translation into Chinese
Simultaneous translation into Chinese requires extensive knowledge of Chinese and the small nuances necessary to deliver the exact message to the Chinese language in real time.

At GOLD, simultaneous translation into and from Chinese requires our team to be highly proficient in the source and target languages. Our team of simultaneous translators is capable of finding the most precise word in real time thanks to their extensive experience in simultaneous translation and the preparation they do by reading relevant materials prior the meeting. The GOLD team will provide you with a simultaneous translator to Chinese and from Chinese that is most appropriate for your needs, and will also provide the necessary technological tools: an acoustic booth, headphones, a transmission system and experienced technicians. We offer the entire package of services necessary for simultaneous translation to and from Chinese as a single solution for you to ensure that you receive the most accurate translation to and from Chinese.